Our function is based on our care for people and knowledge of grand-grandparents as ways of remedy.


Think of your own product and we take on to manufacture it with responsibility and of high quality which will guarantee your success! We offer our services to shops, super markets, professional salons, spas, licensed estheticians, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, sports clubs, physiotherapy centers etc. We manufacture private and own label cosmetic, body care, household, and technical products for our customers. Always aware of the market development, we analyze trends, discover innovations, and develop new product ideas. We respond rapidly and flexibly to the dynamic evolution of the market place and offer our trade partners both up-to-date standards and product novelties.


Our team can provide advice concerning the planning of your product range, recommending shapes, colours and closures for packaging, to fit market and product range requirements.  We implement product ideas together with you, and can create tailor made packaging solutions for your needs.


In our labs, committed chemists work on all new ideas.  We are constantly developing new ideas and innovations to react to changing market requirements.  New product formulations are tested by both independent institutions and in-house testing panels.  Best skin safety is proved in dermatological tests. Our formulas all confirm to ecological testing criteria.


Should you not have your own graphics agency, we are able to offer you a full print image development process. Our in-house design department offers a full packaging design and artwork concepts service.


From liquids to creams, ERGON has a variety of production facilities available.  Our range of filling systems spans very small systems with low output volumes to nearly fully automatic filling lines producing 220 units per minute. We can utilize these production facilities to provide our customers with the best price-to-performance ratio. We can provide both mass marketed products, and more niche products.


We provide documentation in accordance with European regulations, taking into account our customers specific requirements. This includes proof of product safety by means of safety evaluations and dermatological tests.  ERGON has a vast formulations database, with existing formulations as well as new developments.  Our products undergo specific application and efficiency tests. Painstaking quality controls are made during manufacture and the production processes are monitored on a continuous basis.


We offer you efficient and low-cost logistics with a customer-orientated organization structure, flexible solutions by concentrating all products in central warehouses, and goods that can be available at short notice from our warehouses. We have quick and efficient processes to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, with delivery within a few working days. All the products are delivered ready for storage and sales. We can provide international delivery.


26 May 2011

Νέα σειρά προϊόντων από την Ergon!

Σειρά από , για πρόσωπο, σώμα, γυναίκες, άνδρες, παιδιά.

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"Η Εuromare προσφέρει πλήρη και υψηλής ποιότητας παροχή ασφαλιστικών υπηρεσιών"

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