ERGON” is a Greek family business which began its function, based on its care and love for people, in 1979. Its laboratories are fully equipped, in order to manufacture both cosmetics and parapharmaceutical products, and staffed with highly experienced scientists, who follow the scientific developments by taking part in seminars.

"ERGON” also obtains the knowledge of age-old traditional recipes used by our grand-grandparents as a remedy based on the appropriate herbs each time.

For years, Ergon’s products have been used more and more and receiving continually increasing acceptance by people. Proudly, we offer products distinguished for their modern, attractive design and quality, guaranteed to our customers by the name of Ergon. The products that are administered by our team are distributed to the market both through wholesale trade and through more specialized sectors, such as pharmacy. Our principle is that each product is based on the activity of both herbs and essential oils, which are of high quality and 100% pure and natural.

All our products are made in laboratories officially approved and recognized by the Greek National Organization of Pharmaceuticals (NOP), in compliance with good manufacturing practice (GMP) and the European Union regulations.

Our goal is to create products of high quality and effectiveness.



26 May 2011

Νέα σειρά προϊόντων από την Ergon!

Σειρά από , για πρόσωπο, σώμα, γυναίκες, άνδρες, παιδιά.

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